T’ai Chi is a slow-moving health exercise that is a dance, a meditation and a martial art. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or ability. In this class taught by Andy Mertens, you will learn the principles and the first few postures of the Cheng Man-Ch'ing short form and a few basic training exercises.

    •    We will discuss briefly the origins of T’ai Chi philosophy rooted in Taoism and Confucianism and how yin and yang are expressed in the outer world and the inner world of our physical bodies.
    •    We will learn several mental and physical relaxation techniques and how to apply them to the practice of T’ai Chi and how to use them anywhere.
    •    We will discuss the structure of the physical body and how alignment can help to increase energy and open physical blockages.
    •    We will talk about the myofascial system and how we create these restrictions and blockages.
    •    Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat (no heel) shoes.


Mondays and thursdays: Oshkosh T'ai Chi Center

  • Intro to T'ai Chi: 5:30-6:30 p.m. Instructor Andy Mertens will show you how T’ai Chi will help improve balance and flexibility and help reduce chronic pain and fatigue. You’ll leave this class feeling peaceful and stress free. This class will focus on the 37-posture form of Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing, who modified the Yang style long form into a form that takes only 10 minutes to do.

  • Advanced Class: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Focuses on the Yang short form as arranged by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing. In this form we will run the entire form at least once and then look deeply at certain sections of the form.

Mike Milewski of the The T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center of Milwaukee teaches a master class on occasional Thursdays. Contact Andy or check calendar for details.

T'ai Chi price list

$140 (12-WEEK SESSION unlimited classes) for ADVANCED STUDENTS

$70 (6-WEEK SESSION unlimited classes) for BEGINNER STUDENTS

$50 private session - 1 hour

$15 drop-in fee for Andy Mertens class

$20 drop-in fee for Mike Milewski class

WORKSHOP/TRAVELING FEE: Please contact Andy directly